• — Increase quality installs & engagement
  • — Decrease eCPI across mobile platforms
  • — Expand mobile presence
  • — CMP produced a 30 second video along with a 10 second Snapchat Video
  • — Emphasized Thrive Market’s brand messaging; Consumers can buy healthy
  •      food from top-selling, organic brands at wholesale prices through Thrive Market
  • — 3 month campaign runtime, $50k in spend from launch
  • — 45% decrease in eCPI
  • — Drove quality installs
  • — Increased marketing efficiency thus increasing digital buying power
  • — Repurposed ad for other social networks

Thrive Market was so excited to partner with Craftsman Plus on our
mobile app install videos. They were creative, flexible, and all-around
easy to work with. Not to mention that they delivered incredible results
that really helped drop our CPI. It worked so well that we re-purposed
the video for other social networks like Facebook. We look forward to
working with them again!
– Corinne Crockett, Director of Marketing @ Thrive Market

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