Mission Statement

Craftsman Plus is a video production company, with a focus in mobile, driven by the overpowering effect videos have on the world. Founded to bridge communications, whether that's from brands to consumers or peer-to-peer.
Find us in the bustling streets of New York City and in the creative depths of San Francisco. Driving innovation and creativity to grow our partner’s marketing value. We’re a team of experienced & talented individuals, dedicated to the quality of our service.
We believe in collaboration to push excellence, more importantly we always tell a story. We create visually captive and engaging digital solutions for mobile, web, apps, social, film & ….of course phenomenal design.

Our Partners


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Brand Mission
Video advertising is changing the world of marketing, and at Craftsman Plus, we want to be a part of that revolution one frame at a time. For us, each new project is a unique opportunity to work as a team, make new connections, and create something special. It’s that simple joy of building that keeps us always moving forward.

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Our Philosophy
Quality and client satisfaction are our highest priorities at Craftsman Plus. We don’t rest until we know we’ve created something our partners are excited to show off. We’re not just making an ad; we’re telling a story that - for the right viewer - will make an impact.

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Our Culture
At Craftsman Plus, we believe that the best way to run a creative company is to give designers the freedom and support they need to shine. We take care of our creative team like we take care of our clients, and the combination of mutual respect and good collaboration is a formula that we rely on again and again.


“Thrive Market was so excited to partner with Craftsman Plus on our mobile app install videos. They were creative, flexible, and all-around easy to work with. Not to mention that they delivered incredible results that really helped drop our CPI. It worked so well that we repurposed the video for other social networks like Facebook. We look forward to working with them again!”

- Corinne Crockett, Director of Marketing at Thrive Market


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