Open Positions

CMP is rapidly expanding and continuously looking for hardworking, creative individuals to join our team of Craftsmen - both full-time in New York City as well as remote. CMP operates differently than larger competing establishments, and we’ll ask that you work with us to break the mold of how a creative agency should interact with its clients and staff.

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At CMP we can ensure you that your voice will be heard. We wish to give our employees the liberty and leniency to uniquely tailor their daily duties in order to showcase the best of their abilities. But to work within our system, for the brands who have partnered with us, we ask for each of our employees to complete a test before joining the team.


These tests are the first step to forming a partnership. We believe that no good deals are one-off, with clients or with creatives. So, in an industry composed of remote work for specific projects, we're asking a little more from you up front to set the stage for ongoing success.

Step 1 | Choose a Test

Test Option 1: App Store, UA, or Explainer Focus

If you're familiar with the mobile app space and know how to engage users...

Test Option 3: 3D, VFX, and/or Motion Graphics Specialist

If you have an affinity for making pixels on a screen take on a space and life of their own...

Test Option 2: Storyteller

If you can take a small amount of direction and turn it into your own compelling concept...

Test Option 4: Illustrative

If you create characters and love to make them move...

Step 2 | Cover Letter and Resume

Once your test is complete, and you've built your files in accordance with our deliverable requirements, throw in your resume and cover letter so we know who you are, and submit below. We'll be in touch shortly once we have an opportunity to review your files and thank you for your interest in working alongside CMP!

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