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Recommended Steps for Limiting Asset File Size


Combined footprint of static assets in a playable or interactive add unit should be no more than 700MB.  Keeping to this reference mark will improve the overall performance of the ad unit on devices, and allow for enough room to properly exemplify game mechanics, or other key pieces of the ad unit.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Save all necessary assets into the same folder, using an easy to identify naming convention.  All assets should be saved out individually.

    1. Background images should be saved as a square image, in JPEG format.

    2. Cropped images should be saved on transparent backgrounds and centered.

    3. Please look at the recommended image dimensions seen in the Asset Library of each playable template on the platform.  Note that these are just guidelines.

  2. Use TinyPNG.com to compress the files.

    1. Files should not be compressed individually, as they might be scaled down to different sizes and quality levels, so be sure to compress all assets at once, and save them to a different folder so edits can be made to the originals if necessary.


There is a lot more flexibility in the Interactive Video builder than the playable templates, as such, there is room for much more creativity when making ads.  Below are some tips and tricks to limiting file size, and adjusting other video specs.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Recordings or video files should not have sound enabled.

  2. Cutting footage can be done using whatever your preferred editing software is.  Many computers come with simple video editing apps for free, which are great to use, or you can get  more advanced with products like Adobe Premier.

    1. Limiting the length of the video clip is a key way to reduce the file size, and thus performance and quality.  Ensure to use the minimum length possible, that still gets your message across in the right way.

  3. Handbrake is a great tool for optimizing video files.  See below:

    1. Please double check that cropping is consistent at '0' - Handbrake will automatically crop if a solid black bar is detected.  (Note you can manually crop videos in handbrake as well, this will be trial and error).

    2. Summary Tab Specs


3. Dimension Tab Specs: Recommended Landscape dimensions are 960:640, Portrait dimensions will be the opposite.  If the Interactive ad unit is designed to be responsive, we recommend 960:960.


4. Filter Tab Specs


5. Depending on the length of the clip, you'll need to adjust the 'Constant Quality' value to get the file size correct. 

i. For reducing the file size of videos for smaller ad networks (1MB and sometimes 2MB), Framerate of '24' should be used.  The “Quality” bar determines the amount of eventual compression of the video. Higher numbers will compress videos smaller and reduce quality.  This will be a trial and error process, for optimizing the file size and maintaining quality, but #’s in the mid 20’s should usually get the job done.


6. You can change the 'Audio Mixdown' to 'Mono' if the ads are being served on mobile devices:


7. There should generally be no Subtitles or Chapter Markers.

4. Export when you think you are good, and then verify the file size in the file Properties, and then the video quality to make sure it meets your standards.