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Bridging Worlds: The Benefits of Console and PC Game Promotion in Mobile Apps

In an era when mobile screens are often the first and last thing people see everyday, advertising in-app has become a vital part of a well-rounded, successful digital advertising strategy. For PC and console game developers, specifically, advertising in mobile games to attract new and engaged players is increasingly effective. In fact, today, mobile gaming inventory has become a premium contender in the in-game advertising ecosystem as more and more gamers flock to mobile games. Keep reading to learn the unique benefits of console and PC game promotion in mobile apps.

Digital Gamers in 2024

According to eMarketer, more than half (54.6%) of the US population will be digital gamers in 2024. 

Digital Gaming Demographics

  • The Majority of Mobile Players are Female. While the stereotypical profile of a gamer is young and male, 48% of the global mobile gaming market is made up of female players
  • More Men Play on Console. On the other hand, male players dominate on console and desktop/laptop gaming where they make up two thirds of of the players on both devices. 
  • The Typical Gamer is Young. This year, more than 75% of 18 to 24-year olds will play video games. In fact, as of March 2023, 63% of US Gen Zers played games at least once per week on their console/PC and 71% played mobile games. Interestingly, younger Gen Zers (ages 13 to 17) typically play on consoles rather than mobile or PC. This is likely due to many of them not having access to phones for as long as their older counterparts.

The Mobile Gaming Opportunity

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has become one of the most popular and accessible forms of gaming. 

  • In 2024 Individuals Will Spend an Average 26 Minutes a Day Playing Mobile Games. This is a 4.8% increase from 2023. For reference, players’ average time spent playing desktop or laptop games will be 17 minutes a day; on connected game consoles — 18 minutes a day.
  • Mobile Gamers Makeup the Largest Segment of the Digital Gaming Population. This year, mobile gamers will rise to 168.2 million people — or 49.2% of the overall digital gaming population. 
  • Most Console Players Play on Mobile Too. Almost 9 in 10 digital gamers play on mobile, meaning that only 10% of gamers only play on desktop or consoles.

Mobile Game Advertising Trends

Once underestimated as a less performant option for in-game advertising, mobile games are now proving to be a goldmine for engagement and revenue. In fact, according to eMarketer, US mobile game ad revenues are projected to reach $7.74 billion with a 13% increase year-over-year.

According to data from AppLovin, Q4 2023 marked a record-breaking season for mobile gaming advertisers, driven by technological advancements and a deeper understanding of player behaviors.

  • Mobile Game Ad Spend is on the Rise. According to data from AppLovin’s MAX mediation platform, 2023 was a banner year for mobile game advertising with spend increasing 10% year-over-year between Q4 2022 and Q4 2023.

  • More People are Playing Mobile Games = More People are Seeing Mobile Ads. Mobile gamers also engaged more with ads in Q4 2023, with average ad impressions per user increasing by 7%.

  • Casual Mobile Games Make Strides. While mobile game advertising is effective across categories, casual mobile games have grown the most, with a 23%increase in revenue YoY.

The Benefits of Console and PC Game Promotion in Mobile Game Apps

In today's digital age, where mobile screens dominate our daily lives, tapping into the potential of in-app advertising has become crucial for brands looking to capture and engage audiences. For console and PC game developers, the opportunity to promote their games within mobile apps is a key strategy for attracting a broader base of players.

Diversify Audience Reach

Contrary to the typical gamer stereotype, the gaming audience is diverse. With nearly half of the mobile gaming sector comprised of female players, advertising in mobile games offers a unique opportunity for console and PC game developers to bridge the gender gap and engage with a wider, untapped audience.

Engage Younger Generations

Digital gaming demographics reveal a skew towards younger audiences, particularly among Gen Zers. With mobile gaming being a staple for this demographic, promoting console and PC games within mobile apps can effectively tap into the younger generation's gaming habits, enticing them with the rich, immersive experiences console and PC games offer.

Leverage Mobile for Game Discovery and Re-engagement

The intersection of mobile gamers and console/PC gamers is significant, with almost 9 in 10 digital gamers playing on mobile. This overlap underscores the potential of mobile game apps as a powerful platform for promoting console and PC games, facilitating discovery and re-engagement among players who are already inclined towards gaming on multiple platforms.

Maximize Engagement and Revenue

Recent trends indicate a remarkable upswing in mobile game advertising performance. With mobile game ad revenues surging and casual mobile games experiencing notable revenue growth, the mobile platform stands out as a fertile ground for console and PC game promotions. 

Streamlining Development and Expanding Reach

Promoting console and PC games in mobile apps can also streamline development processes and expand market reach. According to Innovecs Games, developing cross-platform games can increase revenue by 20% to 40% and reach a wider audience by offering engaging gameplay across different devices and platforms. By developing cross-platform games, developers can reduce costs, enhance user experiences across devices, and also leverage the strengths of different platforms to maximize engagement and profits.

Exploring Diverse Ad Formats in Mobile Game Advertising

One of the most compelling reasons for video game developers to venture into mobile game advertising lies in the unique ad formats and monetization opportunities unavailable in the console or desktop gaming environment. 

  • Interstitial Ads: These full-screen ads appear at natural pause points, such as between levels, offering a seamless way to present ads without disrupting the gaming experience.
  • In-Game Events and Brand Integration: Mobile games offer the unique opportunity to host branded in-game events or integrate branded goods directly into the gameplay, providing an immersive brand experience.
  • Branded Goods: Collaborating with brands to introduce themed items or power-ups within the game can enhance player engagement while offering a novel avenue for brand promotion.
  • Interactive Ads: Interactive ad units like playables allow users to experience a snippet of a mobile game before downloading it, providing a "try before you install" experience in a gamified format. With up to 5x higher installs per impression (IPM) than rewarded video ads, playables engage users with interactive experiences that showcase the game's mechanics and gameplay.


Takeaways: Leveraging the Mobile Advantage for Console and PC Game Promotion

  • Diverse Audience Reach: Mobile advertising opens doors to a wider, diverse audience, including the significant female demographic in gaming.
  • Younger Generation Engagement: Capitalizes on mobile gaming's popularity among Gen Zers, aligning with their gaming habits for deeper engagement.
  • Discovery and Re-engagement: Utilizes the overlap between mobile and console/PC gamers for effective game discovery and re-engagement strategies.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Revenue: Benefits from the upward trend in mobile game advertising revenue and user engagement, maximizing promotional impact.
  • Cross-Platform Development Benefits: Streamlines development, cuts costs, and enhances user experience across devices, expanding market reach and potential revenue.
  • Diverse Ad Formats: Explores a variety of mobile ad formats, including interstitial ads, branded in-game events, and interactive ads, offering creative and effective ways to engage users.

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