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04/9/246 min read

Billboards of Tomorrow: How DOOH is Transforming Advertising

Imagine driving down a highway and passing a billboard and seeing a static ad for a travel booking service. The ad is ...
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03/26/246 min read

Bridging Worlds: The Benefits of Console and PC Game Promotion in Mobile Apps

In an era when mobile screens are often the first and last thing people see everyday, advertising in-app has become a ...
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03/18/245 min read

Unlocking the Power of Play: HTML5 and Video-Based Playable Ads

Did you know there is more than one type of playable ad? Among playable ads, there are two primary formats: HTML5 ...
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03/5/245 min read

Game On: Engaging Audiences and Building Brand Loyalty with Gamification

Who doesn’t love playing games? Whether it’s entering an exclusive giveaway or tapping through a playable ad, ...
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02/27/244 min read

CRAFTSMAN+ Ranks No. 90 on Inc. Magazine’s List of the Southeast Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Companies on the 2024 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Southeast list had an average growth of 166.43 precent.
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02/23/246 min read

Real Voices, Real Impact: UGC Success Stories in Mobile Gaming

User-generated content (UGC) is fast-becoming a key creative strategy for brands seeking to drive positive brand ...
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02/22/241 min read

Craftsman+ Announces New VP of Sales to Accelerate Growth & Build Momentum for Creative Ad Platform Leader

Armando Osuna joins to help accelerate growth and continue building momentum for creative ad technology leader NEW ...
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02/13/241 min read

CRAFTSMAN+ Launches CANVAS: A Game-Changer in Ad Creative Automation

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2024 -- CRAFTSMAN+, a leading creative technology company, today announced the launch of CANVAS, a ...
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02/6/246 min read


For brands, taking the time to identify winning creatives via regular A/B testing creatives is a key lever of digital ...
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01/31/246 min read

Best Practices for Creating and Implementing Effective Playable Ads

In today’s crowded omnichannel marketplace, ad fatigue is on the rise. In fact, two-thirds of consumers (66%) wish they ...
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