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06/18/245 min read

5 Ways to Harness In-Store Media for Retail Growth

Welcome to a revitalized era of in-store experiences! Following a challenging period during the pandemic, where retail ...
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06/11/245 min read

How to Boost Your Brand with User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is not just a marketing buzzword—it’s a powerful tool for enhancing authenticity and ...
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06/4/245 min read

Key Mobile Gaming Trends and Ad Strategies for 2024

After a few challenging years in the mobile gaming industry, during which the economy dipped after the engagement and ...
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05/31/244 min read

Craft Class: Crafting Innovation: Embracing Change and Cultivating Culture

Craft Class: Stories of Creativity and Innovation Welcome back to "Craft Class," a series where we explore the journeys ...
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05/22/245 min read

The Power of Creative Testing

Rigorous testing of ad creatives is not just a good practice; it's vital to elevating your mobile ad campaigns to new ...
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05/15/242 min read

CRAFTSMAN+ Launches CTV and DOOH Creative Advertising Solutions

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05/14/245 min read

Future-Proof Your Mobile Marketing: Insights from MAU 2024

As always, the mobile marketing landscape is constantly evolving to keep up with changing technology and consumer ...
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05/7/244 min read

The Crucial Role of Creatives in Today's Mobile Landscape

The business of mobile advertising has changed dramatically since the birth of the app store in 2008. Thanks to ...
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05/2/246 min read

How CGI Unlocks Cost Effective Digital Ads

In digital marketing, the shift towards CGI technology is reshaping how brands create and deliver content across ...
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04/30/246 min read

Mastering the Mix: The Power of Paid Ads and Organic Social Media

Navigating the digital marketing ecosystem can be daunting, especially when deciding where to allocate your budget and ...
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