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05/7/244 min read

The Crucial Role of Creatives in Today's Mobile Landscape

The business of mobile advertising has changed dramatically since the birth of the app store in 2008. Thanks to ...
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05/2/246 min read

How CGI Unlocks Cost Effective Digital Ads

In digital marketing, the shift towards CGI technology is reshaping how brands create and deliver content across ...
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04/30/246 min read

Mastering the Mix: The Power of Paid Ads and Organic Social Media

Navigating the digital marketing ecosystem can be daunting, especially when deciding where to allocate your budget and ...
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04/25/245 min read

Craft Class: the Power of Iterative Development at CRAFTSMAN+

Introducing Craft Class: Stories of Creativity and Innovation Welcome to "Craft Class," a new series where we spotlight ...
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04/9/246 min read

Billboards of Tomorrow: How DOOH is Transforming Advertising

Imagine driving down a highway and passing a billboard and seeing a static ad for a travel booking service. The ad is ...
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03/26/246 min read

Bridging Worlds: The Benefits of Console and PC Game Promotion in Mobile Apps

In an era when mobile screens are often the first and last thing people see everyday, advertising in-app has become a ...
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03/18/245 min read

Unlocking the Power of Play: HTML5 and Video-Based Playable Ads

Did you know there is more than one type of playable ad? Among playable ads, there are two primary formats: HTML5 ...
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03/5/245 min read

Game On: Engaging Audiences and Building Brand Loyalty with Gamification

Who doesn’t love playing games? Whether it’s entering an exclusive giveaway or tapping through a playable ad, ...
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02/27/244 min read

CRAFTSMAN+ Ranks No. 90 on Inc. Magazine’s List of the Southeast Region’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Companies on the 2024 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Southeast list had an average growth of 166.43 precent.
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02/23/246 min read

Real Voices, Real Impact: UGC Success Stories in Mobile Gaming

User-generated content (UGC) is fast-becoming a key creative strategy for brands seeking to drive positive brand ...
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