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How UGC Can Be Used to Market Your Game

As social media evolves, so too do consumer priorities– relying on user reviews, rather than advertising, to determine whether to make a purchase. 

So where do they turn? 

To their favorite platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch, to see what their peers genuinely think and feel.

What does this mean for your marketing?

If you’re a gaming developer, it’s a must to use User-Generated Content (UGC) to market your game. 

UGC is content your users make about your game and publish to their social platforms. The amazing part about UGC is that your users want to share your product, making their content personal and authentic.

48% of marketers said that UGC “helped them humanize their marketing efforts,” so it’s a great way to pivot your strategy to be more personable.1

Let’s look at a few ways you can use UGC to market your game. 


Search Your Game on Social Media

When users like something, they post about it! They get excited when you launch a new game or feature and genuinely want to share their thoughts online to connect with other users and your brand. This content is referred to as ‘organic UGC’: real content by, and for, real people.  

UGC can come in many forms, and you might be surprised at what you find. You might find fan theories about the characters, how-to-play, fan art, tips and tricks, cosplay, or reviews.2 

This means you now have a plethora of creatively unique content generated by fans, ready to be implemented into your marketing strategy.

After researching your organic UGC, repost the content to your social accounts to generate awareness, retargeting existing users and hooking new gamers. Make sure you tag them to give them proper credit. You want them to know you appreciate their love for your game. 


Let UGC Creators Do the Influencing

If you want more UGC, reach out to creators to make it for you.

Unlike influencers, UGC creators don’t need a huge following because they’re not posting the ads to their pages. Brands will pay UGC creators to make ads that look like UGC to post to their social media platforms. The creators just need to be able to make quality content and relate to your audience. 

Have your UGC creators make content for Twitch. After all, you’re a gaming platform! Twitch subscribers value community and authentic content, so UGC is worth a try. 

Be sure to be intentional with the UGC creators you choose. You want to make sure they share brand values and resonate with your existing audience. Remember, the ads need to feel organic.

How can you go about using UGC creators? Once you’ve found the right creators, give them early access to your game and let them play. Depending on your deal, the creators can make tutorials, reviews, talk about new features, play the game with their reactions, and talk about its highlights.

With “more than 9 million users stream[ing] at least once a month” on Twitch, you’ll likely get a lot of exposure.

Twitch isn’t the only area of the internet to focus on. You can find UGC creators across all social media platforms to reach your audience where they’re at. 

Keep in mind that Twitch is widely used by 65% of males and has a younger audience, with 41% aged 16-24. That’ll be something to highlight when choosing creators.


Game Reviews

How many videos of product reviews have you seen while scrolling through social media? 

Video reviews are extremely popular and do a great job stopping people while they scroll, commonly known as ‘scroll-stopper videos’. People are curious and want to hear about a product from someone else before buying.

Of course, we want users to purchase, so use reviews to your advantage.

You can always look through social media and repost already-generated reviews or involve influencers.

Similar to what we mentioned above, you can give influencers early access to your game, but this time ask them to upload reviews. Influencers have a strong following because of their engaging and personal nature. So let them simply talk about your game, why they like it, its cool features, and whatever feels natural to them. 

You can also search websites like Reddit or comment sections on social media for written reviews and use them as social proof across your platforms.10 What better way to highlight your game than through user perspectives. With enough positive reviews, you’ll likely get your game into the hands of new users.


It All Comes Down to Community Building

All UGC efforts to market your game will lead to community building, brand-to-user, and user-to-user. 

Word of mouth truly works, and in the era of UGC, word travels fast. 

All of the UGC, commenting, bookmarking, sharing, videos, and playing bring your users together through the common bond of your game. And when you interact with your users, they feel heard and valued, making them more inclined to stick with you.

Keep encouraging UGC and interacting with your audience. They’ll spread the word for you, acquiring new users along the way and increasing your profits. 


Let’s Get Started

Head over to social media right now and search your game. What kind of UGC is already out there that you weren’t even aware of? 

Where can you find opportunities for more UGC? 

If you’re ready to implement UGC, then take a look at our blog “The Rise of User-Generated Content (UGC): Top Trends and Insights” at CRAFTSMAN+ to learn more.

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