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As social media evolves, so too do consumer priorities– relying on user reviews, rather than advertising, to determine whether to make a purchase. 

So where do they turn? 

To their favorite platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch, to see what their peers genuinely think and feel.

What does this mean for your marketing?

If you’re a marketer, it’s a must to use User-Generated Content (UGC) to market your brand or game. 

UGC is content your users make about your brand or game and publish to their social platforms. The amazing part about UGC is that your users want to share your product, making their content personal and authentic.

48% of marketers said that UGC “helped them humanize their marketing efforts,” so it’s a great way to pivot your strategy to be more personable.1

The power of User-Generated Content (UGC) cannot be underestimated in shaping marketing strategies in both these sectors. Let’s look at a few ways you can use UGC to assist your marketing efforts. 

Gaming: Leveraging UGC to Connect with Diverse Player Motivations


CM+ ICONS_Gradient_ART PALETTESelf-Expression: Gamers often seek opportunities for creative self-expression. Encourage players to share their fan art, in-game creations, and character theories on their social platforms. This fosters a sense of community and personal investment in your game.


CM+ ICONS_Gradient_CHART TRENDING UPProgression/Competition: Engage players who thrive on competition and progression. Highlight strategies, how-to-play guides, and tips and tricks shared by gamers to help others succeed in your game.


CM+ ICONS_Gradient_ROADSIGNDiscovery: Appeal to the curiosity of gamers who love to learn and explore. Showcase hidden secrets, easter eggs, and behind-the-scenes content to fuel their desire for discovery.


CM+ ICONS_Gradient_ROCKETEscapism: Recognize that many gamers turn to games as a form of escapism. Emphasize the immersive and captivating aspects of your game that offer relief from the challenges of everyday life.

CM+ ICONS_Gradient_SPEECH BUBBLE HEARTSocial Connection: Foster a sense of community within your gaming ecosystem. Encourage players to share their gaming experiences, create in-game events, and build connections with other gamers.

CM+ ICONS_Gradient_TARGETExpertise: Empower players to develop their skills and knowledge within your game. UGC tutorials, reviews, and gameplay breakdowns by experienced players can help others become experts.

CM+ ICONS_Gradient_MULTIPLE USERS 1Power: Highlight the empowerment aspect of your game. Showcase moments of epic victories and the ability to achieve things in your game that players may not experience in real life.

CM+ ICONS_Gradient_MULTIPLE IMAGESRelaxation: Recognize that some players are seeking relaxation and entertainment. Promote the soothing and enjoyable aspects of your game to attract those looking for a leisurely gaming experience.

To harness UGC effectively in the gaming industry, start by searching for your game on social media. Identify and curate organic UGC created by players. Repost this content on your official social accounts, giving credit to the creators. Connect with UGC creators who align with your brand values and resonate with your audience. Let them create content that feels authentic and engage with your community. This will not only attract new gamers but also strengthen the bond with your existing player base, leading to positive word-of-mouth.


E-commerce: Utilizing UGC to Address Diverse Shopper Motivations


CM+ ICONS_COOL_LIGHTNING BOLTNeed: Shoppers with genuine needs are more likely to make purchases. Ensure that your product listings provide clear and essential information to meet these needs.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_GROWTH 1Pleasure: Recognize that consumers often buy non-essential products for pleasure. Use UGC to showcase how your products can make buyers feel good and enhance their lives.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_SHAKING HANDS 1Acceptance: Create a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) through UGC. Showcase your products as the next big thing, encouraging consumers to stay updated with your offerings.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_ROCKETAspiration: Highlight how your products can help consumers achieve their aspirations, whether that's becoming stronger, smarter, richer, or more successful.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_SHIELDFear: Leverage UGC to address common fears, like security, by emphasizing how your products can provide solutions and protection.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_CLOCKImpulse: Create a sense of excitement, urgency, and FOMO through UGC. Encourage impulse purchases with engaging and time-sensitive content.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_MONEY BAGFinancial Gain: Emphasize how your products can help consumers save or make money. Use UGC to showcase success stories and financial benefits.

CM+ ICONS_COOL_USER 2Health: Tap into the growing health-conscious consumer trend. Use UGC to promote health-related benefits and features of your products.

In the e-commerce realm, UGC can be used to enhance product listings and create a sense of urgency and excitement. Encourage users to leave reviews, create unboxing videos, and share their experiences with your products. Collaborate with influencers to provide authentic testimonials and drive user engagement. Moreover, utilize written reviews from social media, forums, and comment sections to build social proof.

Remember that, in both gaming and e-commerce, the use of UGC contributes to community building and fosters stronger brand-user and user-user connections. The power of word of mouth, amplified by UGC, can lead to organic growth and increased profits. So, start exploring the UGC opportunities for your gaming or e-commerce business today on various social media platforms, and let your audience tell your story for you.

Let’s Get Started

Head over to social media right now and search your game, brand or product. What kind of UGC is already out there that you weren’t even aware of? 

Where can you find opportunities for more UGC? 

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