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Real Voices, Real Impact: UGC Success Stories in Mobile Gaming

User-generated content (UGC) is fast-becoming a key creative strategy for brands seeking to drive positive brand perception and purchase behavior. UGC — or, images, videos, reviews, and testimonials created by actual product users — can be featured in mobile advertising campaigns to boost credibility and drive conversions. 

Below, explore success stories of UGC mobile ad campaigns and how this emerging content strategy is driving engagement and revenue for brands.

Olivia Author

The Value of UGC in Mobile Ad Campaigns 

UGC content used in ads can be a driving force for app growth. In fact, according to EnTribe in its State of UGC 2023 Report, 83% of customers are more inclined to purchase from brands that share real customer content. 

This is in contrast to influencer marketing, which the report found could detract from a brand’s conversion goals. Eighty-one percent of consumers said a brand’s use of influencers had either no impact or a negative impact on their perception of the brand. Furthermore, 86% of consumers said they trusted a brand more that featured UGC over influencer marketing campaigns.

How does UGC drive value in advertising campaigns?

  • Social Proof: UGC engages and persuades prospects through real users' points of view and experiences, building brand awareness and fostering a vibrant community. 
  • Unique Content: UGC uses original content to increase visibility, capture customers’ attention and help brands stand out in the competitive omnichannel marketplace.
  • Trust: By allowing customers to become a part of a brand's journey, UGC inspires customer trust and loyalty, driving greater customer lifetime value (CLTV) and improved business outcomes.

In summary, UGC is a valuable asset in mobile advertising campaigns, driving performance outcomes, contributing to cost-effective user acquisition and increasing customer trust and loyalty.

How UGC Campaigns Perform

According to Addict Mobile, UBC ads drive results for acquisition campaigns across various verticals. For example, for photography clients, UGC ads led to a 20% decrease in cost-per-install (CPI) rates and a 9% increase in conversions across platforms. For gaming clients, UGC ads resulted in a 3-point increase in ROAS. 

According to AppSamurai, UGC-based ads drive 4x higher click-through rates (CTR) and an up to 50% drop in cost-per-click (CPC) rates. What’s more, blending UGC with professional content has been shown to increase engagement by up to 28%.

At CRAFTSMAN+ we’ve helped partners increase their conversions and scale their CPI via user-generated content campaigns. In a recent campaign for a budgeting and expense tracking app, we were tasked with building a brand campaign that would expand the app’s visibility and differentiate it from competitors.

Given the proven results of UGC video (UGC videos created by and featuring users get 10x more views on YouTube than content created by brands according to SocialToaster), our team chose this strategy for the app’s growth campaign. CRAFTSMAN+ used a number of different creators in a series of UGC videos to help the app test multiple creative assets and select a winning concept. This resulted in a stunning 75% reduction in cost per conversion and a competitive overall cost per install of $3.72.

Examples of Successful UGC Mobile Game Ad Campaigns


Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO by Scopely has used UGC mobile ads to become one of the top board game apps in the mobile gaming market. According to Business of Apps, the classic mobile board game app has been downloaded 14 million times since last summer. It has also generated more than $135 million in revenue since it was launched in April 2023.

This UGC video of “A Day in the Life of a Super Tycoon”, a player gives her experience of Monopoly GO as if she is building her property portfolio in real life.

(source: TikTok)

What the Ad Does Well:

  • Witty and playful: One of the most effective elements of this UGC ad is its use of a playful and lighthearted narrative to showcase the game’s branding. Rather than simply showing Monopoly GO gameplay, the ad mimics the real world experience of a “Super Tycoon”. This includes perks like flying business class, staying at a 5-star hotel and purchasing luxury properties on Rodeo Drive. This fresh approach to showcasing a well-known game (Monopoly), entices users to play so they can become their own super tycoon.
  • Showcases Gameplay: At the end of the ad, clips of Monopoly GO gameplay are shown, giving a taste of the game’s visual elements.
  • Engaging and Unique: Unlike many UGC ads, this ad includes upbeat music and clips of real world scenes. It also shows the action from the perspective of the player. This is unique to many UGC ads which often show people talking to the camera without additional engaging elements like music.


My Talking Angela 2

My Talking Angela 2 is a virtual pet game that lets players style and play with their fashionable cats. It was built by Outfit7 and launched in 2021. 

The example UGC ad below features an avid My Talking Angela 2 player, alternating between videos of the app and her playing the game on your phone. Later in the ad, a split screen is used to show the player interacting with her virtual pet on the app.


What the Ad Does Well:

  • Human-centered: By showing a player on their phone from an external vantage point, viewers of the ad can more readily imagine themselves playing the app.
  • Showcases Gameplay: The ad gives a quick view of the visuals offered in the My Talking Angela 2 game, including makeup and styling features.
  • Playful: At one point, the ad shows the player interacting with her virtual pet as if they’re chatting in real life time. This exchange communicates a playful brand personality that is engaging and memorable.


Royal Match

Free-to-play match-3 puzzle game, Royal Match, has used UGC ads to cement its performance as one of the most successful hyper casual games today. Launched in 2021, according to Business of Apps, last year, Royal Match was downloaded more than 78 million times and surpassed the $600 million lifetime revenue mark.

In the example UGC ad, a Royal Match player moves through a level of the game and gives his experience of gameplay.

What the Ad Does Well:

  • Highlights Advantages: In the opening and closing clips of the ad, the player mentions that Royal Match does not have ads, is free to play and does not require wifi to play, highlighting key advantages of the app.
  • Showcases Gameplay: The ad shows the user playing a level of the game in a split screen configuration. Not only does this give the viewer a specific look into the app and its gameplay, it also places them in the position of the player, adding a human resonance.
  • Challenges the viewer: Notably, the player fails the level, enticing the viewer to download the app and beat it themselves.



User-generated content (UGC) has proven to significantly increase trust and purchase behavior among consumers. With 83% of customers more likely to buy after seeing real customer content.

  • Engagement and Cost Efficiency: UGC campaigns not only drive higher engagement with 4x the click-through rates but also offer a cost-effective advertising solution, reducing cost-per-click rates by up to 50% and cost-per-install rates by 20%.
  • Social Proof and Authenticity: Real customer stories and testimonials provide invaluable social proof, presenting a brand as trustworthy and community-focused. This authentic user perspective is key in differentiating brands in a crowded market.
  • Strategic Content Mix: Blending UGC with professional content can enhance campaign engagement by up to 28%, showcasing the power of combining authentic user experiences with polished brand messaging for maximum impact.
  • Success Stories: Examples from Monopoly GO, My Talking Angela 2, and Royal Match illustrate the effectiveness of UGC in mobile gaming ads, highlighting the role of genuine customer experiences in enhancing game visibility and revenue.


Drive Value with UGC Creatives

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